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Districts Start School Year With Thoughts on How to Handle Charlottesville Protests

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Summary:  This article provides some resources and ideas for dealing with the Charlottesville protests and other controversial subjects in the classroom.  Experts recommend administrators provide support and PD to teachers on addressing difficult subjects.

Source:  Linda Jacobson, Education DIVE, August 17, 2017

Categories:  Education Equity, Professional Development, Core Values, Positive Relationships, School Culture/Climate

Relationships Matter More Than Rules

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Summary:  This article focuses on the importance of building positive relationships in a classroom in order to transform it into a community.  The author suggests several strategies for starting the school year by building strong relationships.

Source:  Rebecca Alber, Edutopia, August 16, 2017

Categories:  Positive Relationships, Core Values, Classroom Practice, Codes of Conduct, School Culture/Climate

Bite-Size SEL Lessons

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Summary:  Snack time can be an opportunity for social and emotional learning instead of simply a pit stop for hungry kids.  Snack time can offer opportunities for building community and sharing responsibilities in the early elementary classroom.

Source:  Kerry Elson, Edutopia, August 14, 2017

Categories:  SEL Basics, Classroom Practice, Student Engagement, Core Values

Social Justice Reading List as a Resource for Teachers

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Summary:  The National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) has created a list of resources called the “Social Justice Book List.”  This list is available to teachers as a aide to starting conversations and search for solutions in response to the recent social unrest in our country.

Source:  Laura Beth Ellis, NNSTOY, August 17, 2017

Categories:  Educational Equity, Social Justice, Core Values, SEL Basics, School Culture/Climate

Charlottesville VA

The First Thing Teachers Should Do When School Starts is Talk About Hatred in America. Here’s help.

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Summary:  This article from the Washington Post presents some ideas about how to handle the inevitable questions from students about Charlottesville as school begins this year.  There are many resources that are listed in the article that may be helpful in guiding discussions as schools start the 2017-18 year.

Source: Valerie Strauss, Washington Post, August 13, 2017

Categories:  Core Values, Educational Equity, Classroom Practice, Empathy, Positive Relationships, Character Education

3 Important School Leadership Lessons From Charlottesville

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Summary:  This article presents a reaction to the events in Charlottesville, VA on August 12 and how school leaders might use these events as a springboard to teaching, communicating, and focusing on understanding all students.

Source:  JIll Berkowitz and Ann Meyers, Education Week, August 15, 2017

Categories:  Classroom Practice, Educational Equity, Core Values, Positive Relationships, Character Education

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Yes, Race and Politics Belong in the Classroom

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Summary:  This article deals with how teachers can foster a classroom environment that allows for discussion of controversial issues both in and out of school.  The author offers ten tips for teachers to engage students in difficult conversations.

Source:  H. Richard Milner IV, Education Week, August 15, 2017

Categories:  Classroom Practice, Positive Relationships, Educational Equity, Student Engagement


State Board Issues Guidelines for Social and Emotional Education …

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Summary:  This article reports on the NJ State Board adopting guidelines for Social and Emotional Learning and includes an interview with Maurice Elias who made a presentation in support of SEL and the new guidelines.

Source:  John Mooney, NJSpotlight, August 14, 2017

Categories:  SEL Basics, School Culture/Climate, Core Values, Codes of Conduct

Circle up: Teaching Social-Emotional Skills Year Round

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Summary:  This article tells the story of “Aim High,” a summer program in California for disadvantaged middle school students.  Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) has a central role in these programs and also in the accountability measures of the CORE districts in California as well as the California State Department of Education. 

Source: Jane Meredith Adams, EdSource, August 8, 2017

Categories:  SEL Basics, SEL Research, Positive Relationships, Educational Equity

Finland Found a Proven Way to Combat Bullying. Here’s What It’ll Take To Make It Work in the US

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Summary:  This article talks about “KiVa” which stands for “against bullying” in Finnish.  The program is used throughout the Finnish schools and has met with success in dealing with bullying by focuses mainly on bystander behaviors. 

Source:  CNN, August 11, 2017

Categories:  Anti-Bullying, Classroom Practice, Positive Relationships