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Cyberbullying Concerns Prompt Cell Phone Restrictions at Maine Middle School

Summary: This article reports on a decision to restrict the use of cellphones at Lewiston Middle School in Maine in the hopes of reducing cyberbullying.  The decision resulted from the deaths of two students and reports that cell phones were used to bully during school hours.

Source: Linda Jacobson, Education DIVE, September 1, 2017

Categories: Anti-Bullying, Code of Conduct, Student Behavior, Mental Health



Finland Found a Proven Way to Combat Bullying. Here’s What It’ll Take To Make It Work in the US

Summary:  This article talks about “KiVa” which stands for “against bullying” in Finnish.  The program is used throughout the Finnish schools and has met with success in dealing with bullying by focuses mainly on bystander behaviors. 

Source:  CNN, August 11, 2017

Categories:  Anti-Bullying, Classroom Practice, Positive Relationships




America Sees Alarming Spike in Middle School Suicide Rate

Summary:  This article comments on the rise of teen suicide across America and in New Jersey where particular efforts have been undertaken to reduce bullying and improve school culture and climate.  Despite these efforts, the suicide rate in New Jersey has continued to rise.  Middle schoolers seem to be at particular risk.

Source:  James M. O’Neill, Staff Writer, The Record, July 16, 2017

Categories:  Anti-bullying, School Culture/Climate, Mental Health, Student Engagement




Cyberbullying Challenges Mental Health in Our Schools

Summary:  This article, by guest writer J.M. Myers, addresses the challenge that cyber-bullying puts on the mental health of a school and its students. Schools must address cyber-bullying even though it usually occurs outside of school.  In many ways, it is much more pernicious  than face-to-face interactions.

Source:  Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers, Education Week, May 24, 2017

Categories:  Anti-Bullying, Mental Health, Codes of Conduct, Technology




Anatomy of School Bullying

Summary:  This article provides information from a report on school bullying that was published by the National Center for Education Statistics identifying the “hot spots” for bullying around the school building.  They identified the transitional areas between classrooms as the places where bullying was most likely to occur.

Source:  Stephen Merrill, Edutopia, March 21, 2017

Categories:  Anti-Bullying, School Culture/Climate, SEL Research




School Bullying Linked to Lower Academic Achievement, Research Finds

Summary:  Most studies on bullying have tracked children for relatively short periods of time and focused on psychological effects, such as anxiety or depression. This is the first long-term study to track children for more than a decade from kindergarten through high school and analyze connections between bullying and academic achievement,

Source:  Gary W. Ladd, American Psychological Association, January 30, 2017

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Bullying and Students With Disabilities: A Resource Guide

Summary:  This is a resource guide with links to a number of resources on topics connected with bullying and special education.  These topics include defining bullying, bullying and autism, bullying statistics, and other information.  These topics can be accessed through the full article below.

Source:  Christina Samuels, Education Week, January 9, 2017

Categories:  Anti-bullying, Special Education, School Health, SEL Basics



Restorative Opportunities after the Election

Summary:  This blog entry on the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ) talks about how restorative practices. circles, and other strategies are being used to help students process the election outcome and the resulting increase in bullying and harassment in schools across the country.

Source:  Nancy Reistenberg, NACRJ, November 16, 2016

Categories:  Anti-Bullying, Restorative Practices, LGBTQ Issues, Educational Equity



Happy HS Students

Introducing the School Friendship Challenge

Summary:  This article describes the “School Friendship Challenge” where students and adults in a school are encouraged to make some kind of interpersonal connection with another person at the school who they don’t currently know.   The idea here is that making the connection is a positive strategy for the reduction of bullying.

Source:  Gregg Weinlein, Education Week Commentary. November 15, 2016

Categories:  Anti-Bullying, School Culture and Climate, SEL Basics




School Bullying Can Leave Lifelong Scars

Summary;  This article explores how bullying in schools can affect the victim into adulthood and introduces a research study and a new book on the topic.  The author, Ellen Walser deLara is interviewed by Ed Week as part of this article.

Source: Kate Stoltzfus, Education Week, November 2, 2016

Categories:  Anti-bullying, Character Education, Educational Equity, LGBTQ Issues