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Does More Time on the Playground Equal Success in the Classroom?

Summary: This article reports on a research study which explores how multiple recess periods may benefit students academically when they return to class.

Source: Marva Hinton, Education Week, March 31, 2016

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April Fool’s Day in the Classroom

Summary: This article is re-published from an earlier post on Edutopia talking about teacher resources for April Fool’s day pranks in the classroom.  More importantly, it talks about how humor in the classroom sparks student engagement.

Source:  Matt Davis, Edutopia, updated March 11, 2016

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Poll Examines Engagement, Readiness of US Students

Summary:  A new Gallup poll of American students, “Engaged Today — Ready For Tomorrow,” measures the engagement, hope, entrepreneurial aspiration and career and financial literacy of students in grades 5-12.

Source: Erin McIntyre, EducationDIVE, March 31. 2016

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Classroom Management: Redirecting Misbehavior

Summary: This is a radio interview with Maurice Elias and Nancy Flanagan on the subject of redirecting misbehavior.  They offer some suggested strategies for redirection as opposed to punishment that will help the child function successfully in the classroom environment.

Source:  Rae Pica, Studentcentricity, BAM!radio Network

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ESSA, Equity of Opportunity, and Addressing Barriers to Learning

Summary:  This article is an analysis of the ESSA done by the national Center for Mental Health in Schools in the Dept. of Psychology at UCLA. The center is co‑directed by Howard Adelman and Linda Taylor.  Website:   Send comments to  See the analysis of how the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) focuses on addressing barriers to learning and re-engaging disconnected students.

Source:  Howard Adelman and Linda Taylor, Co-Directors, Center for Mental Health in Schools, Dept. of Psychology at UCLA, February 2016.

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How and Why Intrinsic Motivation Works

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Golden Rules for Engaging Students in Learning Activities

Summary: This article suggests six strategies which should be considered when planning learning activities that will engage students positively in learning and achievement.

Source:  Nicholas Pino James, Ph.D., Edutopia, December 11, 2015

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Introverted students may be at disadvantage under Common Core

Summary:  This article speaks to the importance of diversifying instruction so that introverted students can have a equal chance at success in the new common core where communication and collaboration are valued.

Source:  Erin McIntyre, Education DIVE, November 23, 2015

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Video: Social & Emotional Learning – Austin ISD

Summary:  This video was produced by the Austin (TX) Independent School District illustrating the importance and value of their emphasis on Social Emotional Learning.

Source:  Austin TX ISD, October 2, 2012

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Carol Dweck Revisits the ‘Growth Mindset’

Summary:  This Ed Week Commentary is a reflection by Carol Dweck on her work on Mindset.  These reflections include concerns that her work on Mindset was focused on closing achievement gaps rather than hiding them.  She shares that her work is not just about effort, but also about being open to using new strategies and approaches to learning in order to be successful

Source:  Carol Dweck, Ed Week Commentary, September 23, 2015

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