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New Poll: Safe and Positive School Environment More Important Than Higher Test Scores

Summary:  This article reports on a poll of registered voters in California concerning school performance.  The article breaks down the results of the poll and reports that creating a safe and positive school environment was one of the top priorities that should be addressed.

Source: Louis Freedberg, John Fensterwald, and Theresa Harrington, EdSource, October 4, 2017

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What’s the Best Way to Prepare for an Emergency — and How Can SEL Help?

Summary: This article touches on how schools prepare for crisis situations and how to build resilience to deal with trauma before, during, and after an emergency incident occurs.  The author contends that SEL and building relationships is an important step in the process.

Source:  Amelia Harper, Education Dive, September 18, 2017

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Destigmatizing Mental Health Starts in Schools

Summary:  This article tells the story of how one school district has found ways to provide mental health services to all students.  The district recently passed a referendum to provide licensed therapists who would work alongside school guidance counselors.

Source:  Tim Goral, District Administration, August 10, 2017

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Students Say They Don’t Know Where to Turn for Mental Health Services

Summary:  This article provides another take on the “Kind Communities – A Bridge to Youth Mental Wellness” research study that was released by the Born This Way Foundation, which was founded by Lady Gaga in 2012 to assist young people in achieving mental and emotional well-being.  This article focuses on providing access to mental health resources to students in need of services.

Source:  Pat Donachie, Education DIVE, July 27, 2017

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Happy Students

Some Teens Don’t See School as a Kind Place. Here’s Why That Matters.

Summary:  This article reports on the results of student survey on school mental health conducted by the Benenson Strategy Group on behalf of the Born This Way Foundation, an organization founded by singer Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, to research and promote mental wellness among young people. 

Source:  Evie Blad, Education Week, July 27, 2017

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A New Movement to Treat Troubled Children as ‘Sad, Not Bad’

Summary:  This article stresses the importance of schools taking notice of the mental health needs of students in establishing a place where students feel connected and safe.  The example used is from Lawrence D. Crocker College Prep in uptown New Orleans where “trauma-informed teaching” is taking place.

Source:  Katy Reckdahl, The Hechinger Report, January 25, 2017

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Bullying and Students With Disabilities: A Resource Guide

Summary:  This is a resource guide with links to a number of resources on topics connected with bullying and special education.  These topics include defining bullying, bullying and autism, bullying statistics, and other information.  These topics can be accessed through the full article below.

Source:  Christina Samuels, Education Week, January 9, 2017

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What a Shared Trauma Meant for My School

Summary:  This article tells the story of how a small rural community school managed to deal with the trauma of a natural disaster by engaging a range of outside organizations to help students, teaches, and community members.

Source:  Tracey Franke, Education Week, December 13, 2016

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The Mental Health Crisis in Our Schools

Summary:  This is a special series of articles from National Public Radio (NPR) dealing the Mental Health Crisis in our schools.  There are articles as well as audio clips that cover various aspects of the crisis from different points of view.  This is a great overview of this growing problem in our society.

Source:  Special Series, npr ed, August/September 2016

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Ready to learn

Response to Intervention 2.0: Next Generation

Summary:  This is a special report on Response to Intervention (RTI) from Education Week which explores the challenges facing educators as they adopt RTI for new uses, scale it up to more schools and districts, and use it to improve learning for all students. There are links to several articles which explain RTI and show how RTI has worked in various states.

Source:  Education Week Special Report, December 13, 2016

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