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Social Emotional Learning Core Competencies

Summary:  CASEL has identified five interrelated sets of cognitive, affective and behavioral competencies. They are Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making.

Source:  Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

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2013 Caring High School Climate Award Video

Summary: Willow Glen High School is a multiethnic, multilingual, academically and socially diverse school of more than 1,600 students. The staff and students strive to create an inclusive, caring climate that nurtures understanding and respect among all students, so they can achieve academic and personal success.

Source: Project Cornerstone

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School Climate Research Summary – January 2010

Summary: Over the past two decades, researchers and educators have increasingly recognized the importance of K-12 school climate. This summary builds on our 2009 school climate research summary (Cohen, McCabe, Michelli, & Pickeral, 2009) and details how school climate is associated with and/or promotes safety, healthy relationships, engaged learning and teaching and school improvement efforts.

Source: Center for Social and Emotional Education, School Climate Brief, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 2010

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A Resource and Promising Practices Guide for School Administrators & Faculty

Summary:  Establishing and sustaining a school environment free of harassment, bullying, and discrimination should involve an examination of a school’s climate and culture. School climate and culture have a profound impact on student achievement, behavior, and reflects the school community’s culture.  This article outlines some basic information about school climate and culture and also sets out various dimensions of school culture.

Source:  New York State Education Department

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School Culture and Climate defined…

Summary:  The New Jersey School Culture and Climate Coalition adopted some general definitions  which would help to guide discussion about School Culture and Climate.  Some relevant research is also cited which supports the importance of working to improve culture and climate in our schools.

Source:  New Jersey Culture and Climate Coalition

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Successful School Guidelines from NJ Culture and Climate Coaliton

Summary:  This set of guidelines is designed to help schools make improvements in school culture and climate.  They are based on the Standards developed by the National School Climate Council and provide actionable steps to guide school improvement.

Source:  New Jersey School Culture and Climate Coalition

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Anti-Bullying Task Force publishes 2014 Interim Report

Summary:  The NJ Anti-Bullying Task Force released its 2014 Interim Report.

Source:  NJ Anti-Bullying Task Force

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Daniel Goleman – EQ and SEL

Summary:  In this video clip, Daniel Goleman speaks about the importance of SEL programs in schools…

Source:  Daniel Goleman

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“Why You Hate Work”

Summary:  This article speaks to the importance of addressing basic core values to help employees and leaders be effective and productive in the workplace.

Source: Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath

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A Feelings Walking Tour: Surveying Your School Culture and Climate

Summary:  You can learn a lot about the culture and climate of your school by taking a symbolic walk-through of the building.

Source:  Maurice Elias

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