Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

SEL201 Syllabus

A Course for Developing the Leadership Skills Necessary for Successfully Implementing SEL/SECD Programs 

This course is designed specifically for K-12 school leaders and educators who aspire to be in school leadership positions. Participants will learn about and acquire unique leadership qualities and practices that are necessary for leading school-wide initiatives. Participants will be guided through the process of creating efficient strategies, networks, and systems for leading sustainable schools of enhanced and effective SEL/SECD and school culture and climate.

Participants will engage in dynamic class discussions in both a real-time online meeting room environment and the class discussion forum. There are five pre-scheduled online workshops that take place during the 12 weeks of the course (see workshop calendar for dates).

Learning Outcomes

After completing SEL201 participants will be able to:

  • Effectively use tools that are available for assessing school culture and climate.
  • Assess the alignment of Board of Education policies and mission and vision statements with SEL and school culture and climate initiatives.
  • Reorganize the schoolhouse so SEL can be conveyed to students systematically and efficiently.
  • Lead a process to create a mission/vision statement for a school, district, program, unit, team, or work group.
  • Implement and sustain organizational change.
  • Coordinate existing and future SEL/SECD, and culture and climate-related programs within a school or after-school program.

Course Outline and Expectations

This online course is organized into twelve weeks of self-paced and facilitator-led activities. The first four weeks focus on qualities required for effective SEL leadership and how to utilize these to lead others. The tools and methods for assessing and designing initiatives to impact school culture and climate, with consideration for policies and sustainability, is the focus for the remaining weeks. The course is self-directed with the exception of the required attendance in five online workshops, which take place in a virtual meeting room environment (Please see the enrollment/registration page for the online meeting schedule).

Week 1: Becoming a Socially-Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Week 2: Becoming a Socially-Emotionally Intelligent Leader (Continued)
Week 3: Building an Effective SEL Leadership Team
Week 4: Building an Effective SEL Leadership Team (Continued)
Week 5: Unjumbling the Schoolhouse
Week 6: Assessing School Culture and Climate
Week 7: The Impact of Policy on SEL and School Culture and Climate Initiatives
Week 8: The Impact of Policy on SEL and School Culture and Climate Initiatives (Continued)
Week 9: Leading Organizational Change to Improve School Culture and Climate
Week 10: Bringing an SEL-Related Program Into Your School (Final Project Part 1)
Week 11: Bringing an SEL-Related Program Into Your School (Final Project Part 2)
Week 12: Bringing an SEL-Related Program Into Your School (Final Project Part 3)

This is a pass/no-pass course. A final score of at least 80% is required for successful completion of this course and to be eligible for participation in SEL301 (Practicum).

Expectation #1: Attend and Participate in All Five Online Workshops (25%)

The facilitator-led online workshops are essential for success in this course and participants must attend and participate in all five sessions at a satisfactory level to receive credit for the course. The online workshop schedule, a link to the online meeting room, and detailed instructions for accessing and participating in the online workshops are all located in the “Workshops” area of the online course (click on the “Workshops” link in the course menu).

Expectation #2: Participate in 12 Online Class Discussions (25%)

Participants are expected to engage in all twelve online class discussions throughout this course (one discussion per week). The discussions are intended to elicit thought-provoking and creative ideas around specific topics in the course. Participants receive a participation score based on their thoughtful contribution to these discussions.

Expectation #3: Complete the Final Course Project (50%) 

Participants will complete a culminating three-part project on “Bringing an SEL-Related Program Into Your School” that consists of creating an implementation guide for an SEL initiative, and reflecting on the resources and barriers for the initiative in the your respective school or district. You will focus on completing the project during weeks the final three weeks of the course (weeks 10-12). Your implementation guide will serve as the framework for your work in your school, and will be further developed in the practicum process if you have elected to complete the full program to earn the School Leader Certificate.

The Course Facilitator

The course facilitator is available to assist participants with general questions throughout the duration of the course as well as serve as a sounding board for sharing implementation ideas and challenges. Participants will have access to the course facilitator through email, in the online workshops, and via the community discussion forums.

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